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Amber Haze Lux Set

Amber Haze Lux Set

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The amber light clings to the horizon, the play of deep dark against the rising sun. Wrapped warm within the intimate dark, the subtle smoky haze of morning heats the soul. An Oasis. From earthy wooded trails to dramatic ocean cliffs, immerse yourself in the amber haze of our wild island.

Amber Haze Lux Set features each piece of the collection. Immerse yourself in the intimate amber haze on our wild island.

60g Amber Haze Lux Black Salt Soak
5ml Amber Haze Lux body oil
1oz Amber Haze Lux whipped butter
15g Amber Haze Lux Solid Fragrance

Key Ingredients


Visit each product for full ingredient information.

Contains *eco-cert, organic and fairtrade products, may include wild-crafted ingredients.


Start with a sensual black salt soak. Moisturize the skin and soul with Amber Haze Lux body oil and Amber Haze Lux whipped butter. Complete your Amber Haze experience with the Solid Fragrance applied to your pulse points.


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