The Wrapped Aurora C

The Wrapped Aurora C

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A beautifully wrapped, unique piece of blue Labradorite. Hand-wrapped in sterling silver wire, each piece is designed to bring out the stunning colours of the Labrador sky and the Aurora Borealis that lives in each piece.

The Inuit of Labrador believe frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis fell from the sky as Labradorite. A stone of magic, it shimmers with the mystical lights of labradoresence and aids those seeking higher knowledge. This stone of transformation will balance and protect your aura, raising you consciousness while strengthening your intuition. A stone of the throat chakra, it allows the wearer to open and express energies from other chakras.

Handcrafted right here in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Hung on an 18" sterling silver chain.