small batch. wildcrafted. eco-conscious.

    "Deep within the heart of this island lies an old woods full of life and memory. The trees plant their roots deep into the earth and nestle around lakes, brooks and bogs. Step out of the woods and walk Across the Barrens on a starry night and the sky will dazzle you. The further north in this province you travel, the more the sky will speak you.

    Each piece is full of the magic of the woods and bog, wild-foraged and hand-crafted from my own slice of earth, and a piece of the dazzling night sky. Every piece of nature beautifully preserved in resin to capture a small amount of the pristine land we come from."
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    The Barrens Studs
    Backcountry Necklace
    The Barrens Necklace
    The Barrens Cufflink
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