Our Story

The Island of Newfoundland lies deep within the Atlantic Ocean. For generations the lifeblood of our people have come from these waters and the land we live upon. Current and abandoned fishing communities are sprinkled around the entire coastline, generations lived and generations lost on the ocean. 

Get up early on a quiet summers morning, with the salt hanging thick in the air. Down at the stage, perched on logs and planks at the oceans edge, you'll find men and women readying themselves to head out in their dories for the daily catch. There is something so iconic, so beautiful and yet so sad to watch this industry fade away into distant memory. The chipped paint, the old hand tools, the rust and the memories that each community holds is tradition and our way of life.

The earth beneath our feet is rich in life and plants. Our ancestors, both native and resettled, worked the earth alongside the ocean. The mountainous forests hold onto a sacred healing energy that is poured back into the trees, plants and animals that live there. When the mist hangs on the mountain peaks and the fog clings to the trees, your soul will yearn for the woods as the mountains call to you.

Mother Nature has intricately woven together every aspect of memory, the mystical life of trees, the magic of her wild creatures and the longing that sits heavy on the salty air. We've gathered together beautiful aspects of natural life on our wild island to create unique pieces of nature.