When the mist hangs on mountain peaks and fog clings to the trees, your soul will yearn for the forests as the mountains call you home.

wild. nature.

handcrafted & wild-foraged, each piece is as unique as the land and waters that surround us. take a piece of our wild island and our story with you.

What makes us unique.

socially conscious. sustainably driven. clean ingredients for beautiful skin.

Our Mission. walk gently.

To walk gently across the earth, aging gracefully as we move through each moment with sustainably harvested products that heal the planet, nurture the soul and care for the skin.

Our Philosophy. age gracefully.

Sea Salt & Twig exists to empower women to appreciate the adversity of their past, accept the present moment and gracefully invite the potential of their future. Sea Salt & Twig is changing the narrative from "aging is undesirable" to "aging is grace and beauty".

Our Values. harvest sustainably.

Through gentle cultivation, sustainable harvesting and careful formulation, we treat our ingredients and the wild island they come from as we treat our souls, with gentle grace.

Our Sustainability.

We've been working hard to provide you with an eco-conscious, earth-friendly, socially responsible brand. This year we're working on stepping further away from single use plastics by purchasing raw materials in bulk, utilizing recycled materials such as glass, paperboard, biodegradable plant cellulose "plastic", reusing shipping wrappings and packaging and offering package-less options.

We have partnered with: Terracycle to recycle the unrecyclables, 1% for the Planet to give back to our earth, Eco Soap Bank to reuse our soap scraps and provide hygiene products in 3rd world countries and Eco-Cart to help further reduce our carbon footprint, as well as many local non-profits that support our local communities.