small batch. wildcrafted. eco-conscious.

    The gentle clack clack of Grannies knitting needles and the soft squeak of her rocker as she knits away mingles with the crashing of the ocean waves against the shoreline. The line is hung with knitted goods and swaying in the salty breeze, just waiting for a passerby to take home a cherished work of art. 

    This collection has a unique assortment of hand-cut and polished Newfoundland wooden buttons, Moose and Caribou Antler buttons and handwoven stitch markers adorned with Labradorite and tumbled sea glass.

    All wooden buttons are polished with Cormack Bee Co.'s Beeswax Wood Polish

    Available to purchase in store exclusively with Skivvers Handknits in Cow Head, NL.

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